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Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel

"Since introducing the Jet Towel™ to our organisation, we’ve saved on operating expenses compared with linen towels. As an environmentally conscious organisation, an important consideration in installing the Jet Towel™ was whether it would help conserve energy and reduce operating expenses. The Jet Towel™ delivered on all of our major concerns with very impressive results. "

~ Holland Casino, The Netherlands.


The Jet Towel™ features silver ion technology to provide an anti-microbial coating for increased hygiene. More.

Low noise operation

Featuring advanced Mitsubishi Electric technologies, the Jet Towel™ operates at a low 58 dB. It´s the quietest high speed hand dryer available! More.

Eco Changes

Most Energy Efficient

With unparalleled energy consumption at just 550W the Jet Towel™ is the most energy efficient hand dryer! More.