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Jet Towel Specifications


Jet Towel™ technology has undergone 20 years of extensive R&D, rigorous testing and careful refinement
to give you the most sustainable, economical and efficient hand dryer in the world.

Two versions of the Jet Towel™ hand dryer are available; the heated unit and the unheated unit. The unheated is available in white, whereas the heated is available in white, black and silver, allowing for the Jet Towel™ to fit easily into a wide range of decor.

Version & Colour options

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sheet of each version.

 Model Name  JT-SB216KSN JT-SB216JSH
 Power Supply 220~240V
 Mode  --
 Heater  --
 Drying Time (sec) 13~15
 9 ~ 11  11 ~ 13  11 ~ 13  13 ~ 15
 Airflow Rate (m/s) 98
 106  98
Air volume (m3/min) 2.8
 3.1  2.8
 Rated current (A) 3.0~3.2
 5.7 ~ 6.2  3.9 ~ 4.2  4.9 ~ 5.3  3.0 ~ 3.2
 Power consumption (W) 550
 1240 720  1070  550
 Noise (dB) 58
 61  58
 Motor Type Brushless DC motor  Brushless DC motor
 Safety Components + Thermal fuse
+ Overcurrent breaker
+ Thermal fuse
+ Overcurrent breaker
 Power Cord None
(Thermal block connection)
(Thermal block connection)
 External Dimensions (mm) W: 300
D: 219
H: 670
W: 300
D: 219
H: 670
 Weight (kg) 11  11
 Drain Tank (l) 0.8  0.8

* Drying times (remaining moisture of one hand being 50mg or less) obtained using in-house measurement method. * Airflow rate measured at the nozzle outlet.
* Noise measurements performed in an anechoic chamber at a distance of 2m.

Outline Drawing JT-SB216JSH/KSN

* Red letters indicate field wiring related dimensions.
* For fastening main unit mounting screws, use a Philips (+) screwdriver with a shaft length of at least 150mm.
* Mount the unit so that the left-side cover is removable and the rating label is visible. (At least 150mm, but 200mm or more is recommneded. Embedded portion is excluded.)
  Allow 200mm or more to enable the water drainage duct to be checked after cleaning.
* Allow at least 130mm between the bottom surface (air intake port) of the unit and the floor surface.


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