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Jet Towel™
Mitsubishi Electric Original ~ Hand drying for the 21st century.


This section provides resources in PDF format for the Mitsubishi Electric´s Jet Towel™. It also provides the latest downloadable version of brochures, manuals and other useful Jet Towel™ literature. If the information you are looking for is not available here, let us help you. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

  • Jet Towel™ Brochure 2012
1.25 MB
[GB]  [DE]  [NL]  [FR]
  • ISO 9001 Certificate
287 KB [GB]
  • Installation Manual
4.37 MB
[GB]  [DE]  [NL]  [FR]
  • Declaration of Conformity 1
93 KB [GB]  
  • User Manual
4.39 MB [GB]  [DE]  [NL]  [FR]
  • Declaration of Conformity 2
127 KB [GB]
  • Jet Towel™ Unheated Specifications
224 KB [GB]
  • Hygiene Study by Mayo Clinic
118 KB [GB]
  • Jet Towel™ Heated Specifications
247 KB [GB]
  • Hygiene Study by Westminster University
238 KB [GB]

Architectural Files

  • Jet Towel™ CAD Data.pdf
34 KB
  • Jet Towel™ DXF Files
1.49 MB [Download]


Jet Towel side angle

4.15 MB
Jet Towel front angle

3.45 MB
Jet Towel close up

4.43 MB

Jet Towel black

63.3 MB

Jet Towel grey

69.4 MB

Jet Towel white

61.3 MB

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Follow the Jet Towel™ from the beginning through 20 years of exceptional
engineering ingenuity to the continual pursuit of perfection. More.

How it works

See how the Jet Towel™ can work much faster than conventional hand dryers and completely dry hands in less than 10 seconds! More.


With unparalleled energy consumption at just 550W the Jet Towel™ is the most  energy efficient hand dryer! Just one of the many reasons why Jet Towel™
technology is better. More.

Comparisons with other hand dryers

Compared to the Jet Towel™, other hand-drying methods in public facilities have distinct drawbacks. Click here to find out more.

  Downloads & Links