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Jet Towel cost efficiency

Cost efficient

Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™ - Leading the industry with Dual Jet drying for the
best choice in fast hand drying and low power consumption.

Industry’s lowest power consumption.

Conventional hot air dryers use between 2000 - 2500W. The heated model of Jet Towel™ uses on average under half this amount and only 550W with non heated models.

Compared to competing high-speed hand dryers the Jet Towel™ consumes significantly less electricity at only 550W compared to 1600 watts for competiing brands.

With these figures, its easy to see the Jet Towel™ is the lowest power consuming high speed hand dryer in the industry*1 and can offer cost savings of 50-70% on energy bills. No doubt the Jet Towel™ can help save money, power and reduce your carbon footprint.

*1: For two-way jet airflow hand dryers. Applies to model with no heater (JT- SB216KSN).

Jet Towel power consumption table


Conventional warm air dryers are too slow and consume ridiculous amounts of energy. Paper and cloth towels require too much maintenance and over time amounts to significant financial and operational costs.

The Jet Towel™ dries hands in under 10 seconds and only uses a low 550W. With advanced infrared sensors, Jet Towel™ will automatically and reliably start and stop as needed.

After installation of the Jet Towel™, the only cost factor is electrical power, which makes it cheaper to operate than paper-towel dispensers, cloth towel dispensers or conventional warm air dryers.

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Clean and easy to maintain.

The Jet Towel™ is designed for optimum ease of maintenance. it features alcohol-resistant resin, allowing for cleaning with alcohol-based products, antimicrobial treatment for ultimate hygiene and a high durability brushless DC motor which ensures a long operational life.

Lower carbon footprint.

There is no bigger trend facing operators today than creating environment friendly facilities. Aside from the significant cost savings, when the choice is made to install a Jet Towel™ hand dryer, a statement is being made that less waste, less carbon dioxide, less use of natural resources and cleanliness are all paramount to your operating mission.

lower carbon footprint example

In terms of CO2 emissions, a Jet Towel™ uses 750W at HIGH mode compared to 2200W by the regular dryer. With a rough estimation, the reduced power use would mean a reduction of 1300kg of CO2 per year, which is equal to boiling a kettle for 18 years or running a tumble dryer for 8 years.

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Compare with other hand dryers

Compared to the Jet Towel™, other hand-drying methods in public facilities have distinct drawbacks. Click here to find out more.

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