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Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™
The best choise for performance, hygiene and cost efficiency.

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Calculate how much money you could save by replacing your current hand dryers or paper towel dispensers with the Mitsubishi Electric
Jet Towel™.

If you fill in the number of users per day of your restroom, the calculator calculates how much you can save on operational costs, compared to paper towels and conventional hot air dryers.

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Jet Towel™ cost savings calculator

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An average is 100 users per day for an office, and a 1000 users per day for example an airport.


Follow the Jet Towel™ from the beginning through 20 years of exceptional
engineering ingenuity to the continual pursuit of perfection. More.

How it works

See how the Jet Towel™ can work much faster than conventional hand dryers and completely dry hands in less than 10 seconds! More.


With unparalleled energy consumption at just 550W the Jet Towel™ is the most  energy efficient hand dryer! Just one of the many reasons why Jet Towel™
technology is better. More.

Comparisons with other hand dryers

Compared to the Jet Towel™, other hand-drying methods in public facilities have distinct drawbacks. Click here to find out more.

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