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Jet Towel™ Technologies

Antimicrobial Technology

All parts of the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™ that come into contact with water are coated with an antibacterial coating. The antibacterial coating utilizes Silver Ion Technology. When silver ions come into contact with the cell walls of common bacteria, they interfere with protein synthesis inhibiting growth and multiplication. The effectiveness of this anti-bacterial coating has been extensively tested and proven by a leading independent German Hygiene Institute.

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Anti bacterial and a bacterial test

Alcohol-resistant Resin

An alcohol-resistant resin is used, enabling *alcohol-based products to be used for cleaning the hand drying section, drain tank and water drainage duct where sanitary conditions are a matter of concern. The open-side design, which allows easy hand access from either side, ensures quick and thorough cleaning of the hand-drying section as well.

*Alcohol-based means a disinfectant containing 83% ethanol or less. Alcohol Resistant

Independent Air-ducts & Jet Towel™ Drain Tank System

In addition to an extremely hygienic touch-free design, emphasis has also been placed on ensuring the flow of fresh air. The air intake port and airflow route are isolated from the water drainage duct in Mtisubishi Electric products. Inserting the hands triggers a jet-stream of fresh air without using any air in the vicinity of the hands.

The Jet Towel™ Drain Tank system captures water allowing for easy and convenient disposal of the waste water. The floor and surrounding surfaces stay clean and dry as a result. This system is preferable to other hand dryers that turn waste water into a mist for direct release into the air, potentially encouraging the growth of unsightly and foul smelling fungi on the floor and surfaces.

Indepentent Airducts

Jet Towel™ Clean Filter

The Jet Towel™ clean filter has been designed for optimum ease of maintenance.

Other high-speed hand dryers are sometimes equipped with a HEPA filter designed to purify the air. However, through extensive testing in early stages of development, Mitsubishi Electric Engineers have found that HEPA filters clog rapidly which adversely affects the efficiency of the hand dryer by drastically reducing the airflow while the hygiene effectivness of the HEPA filter diminishes over time.

Unlike other similar products the Jet Towel™ clean filter is equipped with built-in alcohol resistance making it easy to keep clean and hygienic without adversly affecting overall performance.

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