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The Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™ …The first high-speed hand dryer in the world!
In1993, Mitsubishi Electric introduced the world´s first dual-jet high-speed hand dryer to the Japanese market, which ushered in a new paradigm for hand-drying technology and equipment. They called it the
Jet Towel™
Since then, the company has lead the industry, fulfilling customers´ needs with a spate of technological advances that continually succeed in reducing hand-drying time and machine noise while improving
convenience and hygiene.
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  • R&D project initiated to develop a hand dryer that can
    dry hands in three seconds.

    Drying time depends on both air speed and air volume; R&D team discovers that a minimum speed of 60 meters/second is required to blow water from hands. After considering different ways to blow water droplets from fingertips, team arrives at a solution: directing jet blasts of air at both palms and backs of hands simultaneously.

    Experiments conducted with jet blasts of up to several hundred meters per second result in fast drying, but process is noisy and painful (subjects are concerned about possible skin lacerations).

    First prototype High-speed Hand Dryer completed.

    Optimum air speed and volume calculated for ensuring acceptable drying speed, noise, and user comfort. Research is conducted into nozzle shape, angle and position to solve the problem of "shaking of hands" when inserting hands into a strong airstream.

    When requesting colleagues to test a prototype, they refuse to insert their hands into the dryer, saying the shape of the "basin" is frightening. Basin then redesigned to make it more open.

  Technology Milestones