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How it works

How it works

Fast. Clean. Simple. There´s no better way to dry hands.
The Jet Towel works much faster than conventional warm-air dryers,
completely removing water from the palms and backs of the hands in as little as three to five seconds via dual streams of 382 kilometer-per-hour "jet blasts" of air.

All the user need do is insert the hands into the trough and slowly pull them out. Hands will be completely dry, with no hand rubbing or turning required.

How it works
The sustainable build and energy efficient system benefits the global
environment, reducing CO2 emission and waste. In addition, the
Jet Towel™ brings a new level of convenience and satisfaction to users while saving on operational costs.

Calculate savings now!

Find out how much you can save and help your business become more carbon efficient by replacing current hand drying methods with the Jet Towel™. Calculate savings now.

Compare with other hand dryers

Compared to the Jet Towel™, other hand-drying methods in public facilities have distinct drawbacks. Click here to find out more.

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