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Jet Towel Benefits Fast & Effective

Fast & Effective

Thorough high speed drying with low noise operation. Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™
Advanced in every aspect.

Leading the industry with Dual Jet Airflow technology

The Jet Towel™ features the most advanced Dual Jet Airflow Technology, first developed in 1993 by engineers from Mitsubishi Electric. Dual Jet Airflow technology enables the Jet Towel™ to produce powerful air currents (382 kmph) to literally wipe the water off both sides of the hands. The result is completely dry hands in less then 10 seconds!

The secret to delivering such powerful streams of air lies in the high quality motor. The Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™ is equipped with a DC brushless motor which makes it possible to obtain high-speed airflows instantly.

The Jet Towel™ motor features highly durable permanent magnets to handle the load of repeated high-speed operation.

Brushless DC motor

Newly developed Wave Nozzles

Mitsubishi Electric’ proven Dual Jet engineering is now complemented with an innovative, streamlined wave nozzle design that provides an optimum balance between airlfow rate and air volume, further enhancing efficiency and drying hands in a matter of seconds. The wave nozzles are located on both sides of the Jet towel™, enabling it to dry both hands on either side.  

As the wave nozzles are densely distributed, gaps in the range of the airflow are eliminated. Many other hand dryers have gaps in their airflow coverage making them inefficient and ineffective in drying hands.

Great care has been taken to angle the wave nozzles and position the sensors to prevent any water splashing upwards.

Jet Towel waved nozzles

Advanced Jet Stream Control Technology

The new wave-nozzles feature advanced Jet Stream Control Technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric (patent pending).

This technology resolves the problem of mutual noise interference between air currents, reducing the noise level of the Jet Towel™ to an impressive 58 dB.

This makes the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel™ the quietest high speed hand dryer in the world!

Read more about how waved nozzles assist in reducing noise levels.

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Compare with other hand dryers

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